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     The final events of world championschip was open categories.

     In women bodybuilding overall category the absolute champion is CORNELIA JUNKER from Germany (picture 1) She started in over 57 kg category.     
Women Fitness overall category is only for polish champions. The absolute fitness winner is ALEKSANDRA KOBIELAK (picture 2)     
The best progress in bodybuilding made ANTONINA SABELLA, who starts in up to 57 kg.
Poland was the best team in overall category. Second was Czech Republic. Third - Slovakia.     
The next championship will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We would like to thank you for watching and visiting our site.

     After 20 minutes long sport fashion show, 10 finalist in mixed pairs came on stage.

     The top 10 presented their free posing program, compulsory poses, and then was the posedown.

     Here are the results:
First place for former world champions: Ewa Krynska and Pawel Brzoska from Poland

     Second place for Jana Purdjakowa (world champion in bodybuilding up to 57 kg)
Third Halina Kunicka and Piotr Gluchowski from Poland


     15.00 The most awaited moment of todays contest. Final in women's fitness over 160. Very loud and dynamic music introduce the first of 10 competitors: Barbara Benesowa from Czech Republic. Very impresive presentations made Iveta Statsenko from Russia (picture 1) and Linda Ekwall from Sweden.

     Kamila Porczyk, polish favorite, has no excuse for the rivals (pictures 2 and 3).

     Her show was absolutly perfect.

     This is oficial results in this category:
First place - KAMILA PORCZYK from Poland picture 4
Second impresive IVETA STATSENKO from Russia, she wins for the best free posing program contest
Third was GABRIELA KUBESOWA from Czech Republic, very nice presentation

     All finalists are cheering the audience (picture 5)

     14.30 On stage 10 best women in fitness presenting their sporty silhuetes. In half hour they will present their free programs. Picture 1

     Now is time for the heaviest bodybuilders. Top 6 girls present their free posing with dynamic music, then all of them has presentation.

     These are oficial results: picture 2 and 3

     First place takes Cornelia Junker from Germany, favorite in this category picture 4 Second goes to Zdenka Razymowa from Czech Republic
Third place - Michaela Grassetto from Italy
The brazilian fans scream loud the surname of the german bodybuilder. But brazilian support every competitor.

     After dynamic presentation of women's fitness is time for bodybuilders in up to 57 kg category. The top 6 girls presented free posing program, compulsory poses, and just after that the posedown took place.

     All finalists look very fit,muscular and browny bodies. (picture 1 and 2)

     Here are the oficial final results:
First place - Jana Purdjakowa from Slovakia, favorite of the audience Second - Marja Kalvala from Finland - tall blond was so close. Third Tulay Ozbek from Turkey

     13.00 Loud and dynamic music tells us, there's time for very interesting women's fitness show.

     The top 10 presenting their unusual shows. Very good presentation made Aleksandra Kobielak (picture 1 and 2) from Poland and Laurence Sarrazin from France in her futuristic show.

     Here are the results: first place ALEKSANDRA KOBIELAK picture 3 and 5

     second was great Slovakian Iveta Chrtanowa Third very fightfull Rosi Mena-Berrocal from Spain (picture 4)


     12.30 first event of todays final day was presentation of women's fitness in up to 160 cm. Picture 1. The top 6 are preparing to their shows now.

     After that the best bodybuilders in 52 category came on stage (picture 2).

     They lined up first, then was the free posing presentation and compulsory poses (picture 3)

     Here are the results:
First place: Natalia Proskuriakowva. From Russia - out of range. Second was Antonina Sabella from Italy, Eva Labutowa from Czech Republic. All girls were really great, but only one can win (picture 4)

     It is 11.00 the solemn opening ceremony is just beginning. The audience cheer up, when the parade of nations starts. After that, the speach has vicepresident of IFBB. Mr Rafalo Santocha give the polish oficials of PZKiTS the rewards (picture 1)

     Polish team seems to be very strong (picture 2).

     Mr Tadeusz Kowalski, president of WorldSport, main sponsor of the event, oficially opens the championships. After opening entertainment show presents by polish actors (picture 3)

     Behind the scene, polish favorite in fitness up to 160, Kamila Porczyk, talks with the visitors (picture 4)

     Welcome to our news site. We will bring you fresh information every half hour. Today is the last day of competition. Solemn Opening at 11.00 with official speaches and parade of all 32 nations.
The finals in each category and and last, but certainly not least, we will know the best Bodybuilder and the best fitness.
Picture 1. Torwar Hall at 9.00 - stuff is finishing all to ceremony.
Picture 2 Torwar outside. First visitors are coming.
On picture no 3 we can see that today audience will be bigger.
During the championships everyone can buy stuff, clothes for fitness and bodybuilding.

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