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     After great fitness show, 11 mix-teams came on stage. The favorites in this competition are 3 pairs from Poland: Ewa Krynska and Pawel Brzozka no 3, no 9 Daria Piznal and Radoslaw Slodkiewicz, no 11 Halina Kunicka and Piotr Gluchowski. Today was only a presentation. The whole 11 will compete tommorow in final battle.

We welcome everybody to watch our site tommorrow. We will report you every event of the finals from 11.00. Please visit us!

     The best part of todays spectacle was women's fitness over 160 cm. Top 15 girls are presenting their arrangements. The best impressions made: Gabriela Misnowa from Slowacij, Kary Odiatu from Canada, Iveta Statsenko from Russia. Polish best, Kamila Porczyk, presented fantastic program and she seems to be one of the favorites. Very good performance made also Linda Ekvall from Sweden and very hardcore show made by Angela Friend from USA.

     15.00. Now there is time for the heaviest bodybuilders. Competitors in category over 57 kg starting from semi-final, because of the small number of girls, only 17. Just like in other categories, participants make the line up and 4 compulsory poses. The best 6 are going to the final.
Linda Ekvall from Sweden (no 26) and Kamila Porczyk (no 25) seem to be favorites.

     15.00 It is time for Women fitness over 160. The most competitors are starting in this category. Thirty three, great-looking girls compete in line up and 4 compulsory poses. Judges are choosing top 15. Now Semi-finalists have to present their silhoutes. In one hour, Free posing round starts. In top 15 both Polish girls stayed alive.
Linda Ekvall from Sweden (no 26) and Kamila Porczyk (no 25) seem to be favorites.

     It is 14,30. There is semifinal on stage. Women Bodybuilding in up to 57 category. First, 16 competitors are presenting themselves in line up. After that the compulsory poses in 4 turns take place. Daria Piznal of Poland is strong competitor.

     16 bodybuilders in up to 52 kg category presenting their compulsory poses in semi-final. After that, the Audience was heat up by free posing round in women fitness in up to 160 category.
Very dynamical shows present: Iveta Chrtanowa from Slovakia, Sabina Herrera from Spain and all polish competitors Anna Scholz, Diana Konopka, Aleksandra Kobielak. Very futuristic and good-style presentation made Laurence Sarrazin from France.

     After solemn opening, first competitors are going on stage. 27 women in fitness up to 160 cm category do 5 obligatory poses (turns in front, left side, back, right side, front). Judges have to choose the best 15 to qualify into semifinal.
Aleksandra Kobielak, Polish favorite (no. 16) seems to be in good shape.

     It's 10.30, first viewiers are coming to Torwar Hall. In dressing rooms competitors are making last preparation to the contest. Everybody's waiting for opening.

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