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SMS Service

     SMS service enables you to acquire the scores in the form of SMS messages from individual events of the Championships. In order to obtain SMS notes send an e-mail to the service administration
In your e-mail please include name, surname telephone number as well as the event that interests you. If you do not include the event, you will obtain the complete score of the Championships. The proper functioning of the SMS Service depends on the activity of the internet-gates controlled by the mobile-phone network operators.
The information provided by you in the process will not be used for any other purpose than that of the service.

SMS service will stop operating when the Championships come to an end.

     If your phone is in Idea network, you have to activate the option of sending messages onto your phone number via internet. In order to do so, you must send from your mobile an SMS note: "INTERNET" to the number "102" . The activated service is free of charge. SMS sending is carried out via gate.

     If you have Era GSM telephone, sending SMS is carried out via gate,

     If you have Plus GSM telephone, sending SMS is carried out via

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