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The world champions of 1999 Anna Scholz (on the right) and Aleksandra Kobielak. For Aleksandra the performance in Warsaw will be an excellent occasion to reach for the only trophy missing in her career - the gold medal of the World Championships. For Anna any medal would be a great success.

Anna Scholz is a revelation of the spring season 1999. After winning the lower category (160 cm) during Polish Championships in Nowy Targ, she had her debut in European Championships in Essen where she too the good 7th place.


The most famous Polish Fitness woman Aleksandra Kobielak. She designs her own very interesting outfits for free-program performances. Here we can see her doing her program in this year's Polish Championships in Bialystok.

Daria Piznal is slowly climbing the steps of sport career. The co-operation with the national team coach Dorota Jadczak resulted in two Polish Champion tittles (1999 and 2000). Now she is awaiting her international debut in the upcoming World Championships.


Diana Konopka is also athletically perfect. With her a little more massive musculature she will be the strong point of our National Team. Here we can see her doing press-ups with her legs split.

Ewa Krynska straight after her success in Sydney started thinking about turning professional. However, she decided to take part in the amateur World Championships once again and perform for her audience. Later on she will only be admired in professional contests.


1999 was the luckiest in the sport career of Ewa Krynska. In the World Championships in Sydney she won everything: heavyweight category (+57kg), open category and in Mixed Pairs (with Pawel Brzozka) Here we can see her during her performance in held a little later the "Pojedynek Gigantow" (The Giants' Contest) in Gdynia.

Halina Kunicka started her run of medals at The European Championships in Plonsk, where in pairs event she won the gold medal (together with Piotr Gluchowski). In 1999 she brought from European Championships in Essen the silver medal in individual competition (57 kg category).


The Mixed Pair Ewa Krynska - Pawel Brzozka is ideally matched in terms of their physical built, which can best be proved by two titles of World Champions 1993 and 1999). They have all possible predisposition to adding another gold medal to their collection in Warsaw.

Katarzyna Kaliszewska stepped into the great world of fitness last year. Here she is posing with her first (bronze) medal of the Polish Championships, won in this year's contest in Bialystok.


Kamila Porczyk - this year's Polish Champion and sensational vice-Champion of Europe in Fitness in +160 category. She can do some complicated acrobatic tricks. In this case - a one-handed balance.

Pawel Brzozka has already got on his account the tittle of individual European Champion and World Championships' gold medallist, as well as two tittles of the World Champion in Mixed Pairs ( with Ewa Krynska). In Warsaw he will compete for the third one.


Katarzyna Kaliszewska is superbly prepared physically for fitness performances, doing smoothly various types of summersaults. If she manages to improve her bodily build, she may be the "black horse" of the Championships in Warsaw.

Piotr Gluchowski is also the European Champion and bronze-medalist of the World Championships.
In Pairs, he was most succesful with Halina Kunicka, winning the European Championship in 1998. Now they woll have the chance to compete for a medal of in the World Championship.


Three women representatives for this year's European Championships in Torremolinos (from the left): Aleksandra Kobielak, Kamila Porczyk and, having her first season in PZKiTS (Polish Bodybuilding Union) Diana Konopka.

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