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Women's Bodybuilding
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Women's bodybuilding Mixed Pairs Fitness
Women's bodybuilding

     The competition is carried out in three weight categories: 52kg; 57kg and +57 kg. During the qualifications (which will only be carried out if there are more than 15 names on the start list in one weight category) all contestants stand on a stage and are called out in fives to the center, where they do four obligatory poses (biceps-front, chest-side, biceps-back, abdominal and thigh muscles). After the full presentation by all contestants, the judges tick the names of fifteen women they would like to see in the semi-final. After counting the scores by the secretary's office, all the semifinal fifteen contestants are called out to the scene where the silhouette estimation (the contestants turn around simultaneously: to the front- to the back and to the front). Straight after the completion of silhouette estimation there follow comparisons which are the practical evaluation of musculature. Each judge may call 3 - 5 contestants for a side-by-side evaluation, who do five obligatory poses (in comparison to the qualifying round one triceps-pose is added). After the completion of all possibilities of evaluation , the semifinal in the particular weight-category ends, and the next category follows.

     Six best from semifinals qualify to the final. It begins with the most interesting part of the competition - the free program. Each contestant presents to music her own open arrangement which cannot last longer than 90 seconds. After the free programs come to an end all finalists simultaneously perform five obligatory poses. The conclusion of the performance is a 60-second play-off, during which the contestants can perform their favorite poses, mixing on the scene or even going forward to the audience. The play-off is not judged and it is carried out mainly for the audience. After the completion of all weight-categories the open category is performed in which only three champions from respective weight-categories compete. It aims at showing the best bodybuilder of the Championships, who acquires the right to turn professional.

Mixed Pairs

     The Pair event is performed without weight-category division. Its course is almost identical to the one of bodybuilders' event.
There are tiny differences (for instance the fact that in side-by-side evaluations there can only be three pairs, and the free program can last up to 2 minutes) which are only an adaptation of the rules to the requirements associated with the performance of pairs. Moreover, owing to exceptional attractiveness of the pairs free programs, only 10 pairs are allowed to the final presentation.


     Fitness event, on the other hand, has a distinctly different course. The participants compete in two height-categories: to 160cm and beyond 160cm. Qualifications consist of 4 turns in groups of five(front - left side - back - right side - front). The judges tick the names of the best fifteen contestants, who qualify to the semi-final. the Semifinal consists of two distinctively judged rounds. In the silhouette evaluation round the contestants repeat the qualifying round procedure, but the judges can ask for side by side comparison and rank their positions. Bikini suit and high-heel snickers are required. In the second round they perform their three-minute long free programs, in which they use elements of dance, gymnastics, acrobatics, and aerobics. Unlike bodybuilders, who compete in bikini suits all the time, fitness girls can wear any outfit in their programs.

     In the fitness finals there are 10 best contestants from the semifinals. First they perform their free programs (which are this time estimated), and then the best six repeat the silhouette assessment, which is scored by judges. In this way two silhouette rounds and one round of the free program are decisive for the final classification, which makes this event different from gymnastics.


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