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Expressive Ola! The championships as... Krynska vs. Aukland
Brantalova vs. ... Niederhauser for the... Kobielak - Chrtanova
Empty throne Will our pairs bring... What are our chances?
Expressive Ola!

     Wherever she appears on stage, at once is she welcomed with loud applause. Aleksandra (Ola) Kobielak is a woman with such versatile talents that some call her Leonardo da Vinci in skirt.
     She became famous as a sportswoman, first as a gymnast from 12th to 15th year of age. In this discipline she won a Youth Athletic Meet and won Polish Junior Championship. After finishing the gymnastic career she performed for 7 years in Gdansk theatre EKSPRESJA.
And at last in 1997 Ola became fascinated with Fitness! In this sport she swiftly climbed the steps of international career, reaching the tittle of European Champion and Vice-Champion of the world. Last year in World Championship in Sydney she reached for the bronze medal, but as soon as in November the occasion arises to take revenge on her rivals. In Warsaw World Championships which will be held at Torwar, Ola will take part as the favorite number one. There would be nothing peculiar about it, if it were not for the fact that apart from her sport successes this incredibly talented young woman achieves many others. She designs and crochets clothing for both sexes. She has her own fashion shows. In her hometown - Gdansk she is active as a stylist, extremely popular among clients. As if this was not enough, she poses for posters and magazine covers and her photos appear in more and more prestigious magazines. Ola works out the choreography of her fitness performances and, naturally, she designs outfits for them. So who will dare to claim that there is any other candidate to win in the Fitness tournament for the World Championship at Torwar, than Aleksandra (Ola) Kobielak?

The championships as never seen before

     The World Championships of female body-builders, pairs and fitness in Warsaw have been most popular of all. By the this FLEX issue was prepared, 34 national teams had signed in which is an absolute record in the Championships' history. Not all of the national federations (including Polish) have sent named lists, as some of them will run qualifying rounds in the first week of October. Some federations, however, nominate their representatives for competitions months ahead, thus giving them time for quiet preparations for the championships. Nevertheless it is already certain that we will witness some fantastic duels of top competitors and some interesting return matches.

Krynska vs. Aukland

     It seems that the most exciting female body-builders duel will be the return between Ewa Krynska and Lisa Aukland of the US. Last year Miss Ewa won it all and she purposely stayed an amateur to repeat that success and reinforce her primacy in amateur body-building in Warsaw, before her own public and a wide audience of TV viewers. Aukland, however, was very well prepared in Sidney, and one could say that she was hot on Ewa's heels, impressing everybody with her perfect back muscles.
As if that was not enough, Tatiana Ionenko of Ukraine - world vice-champion and Europe's champion 1997, will also compete in Warsaw, and, if she is in peak form, may defeat both famous rivals. Also - current Europe's champion Monica Muresan of Romenia and former Europe's champion (of 1999) Cornelia Junker of Germany, who ended second after passionate duel with Ewa Krynska and Julia Stefanowicz during EC in Plonsk in 1998 - will also compete in the heavy weight category. This team will be joint by Gabriele Meyer, a shapely Austrian (5th on EC '98) and a mysterious Turkish, Nursel Gurler, who lives in USA and whose pictures we have already had a chance to see in the American issue of FLEX. She might prove to be a real dark horse of the competitions. Heavy weight finals then are promising to be sensational!

Brantalova vs. Proskuriakova

     A duel between Europe's champion and third body-builder in the world - Pavla Brantalova of Czech Rep. and world vice-champion Russian Natalia Proskuriakova will certainly be a gem of this championships. All the more there will be two beautiful women of opposing types of beauty that will meet on the stage: dark-eyed, raven-haired Russian with charming smile, from Siberia and blue-eyed, golden-haired beauty living beyond our southern border, of whom we have already spoke in one of previous FLEX issues. Brantalova has trained for many months in the US and she is coming to Warsaw with a sole goal: to win the open category and to establish good reputation before becoming professional body-builder. Italian Antonina Sabella - 4th on last year's WC, generally considered under-judged (she was 2nd in the finals), should be a demanding rival for the two mentioned above. Pamela Kusar, US champion, WC multi-finalist (4th on WC '98) will also want to shove her oar in the stars' duel.
I wish last year's EC 's bronze medallist, Joanna Krupa was in this exclusive company, but she failed the steroids test, unless B sample proves otherwise.

Niederhauser for the second time?

     There is still uncertainty on which ones of the famous competitors will compete in the middle weight. Last year's world champion, Susanne Niederhauser, a body-builder with sensational proportions of silhouette, is certainly a front-runner. Tulay Ozbek of Turkey, who today outnumbers her rivals in the number of medals she won, also signed in for the middle weight. She won them in both light and middle weights. Others, who will also matter in the final run for medals are: Italian Michela Grassetto, who is always perfectly prepared (Europe's champion and 2nd world vice-champion in 98; then she was off), and Slovak Jana Purdjakova, WC '98 (cat. 52 kg), Olga Ognieva of Russia, last year's junior world champion (open) and another Austrian - Nina Neulinger (5th on EC '99). It will also be interesting to see the debut of Alojarova of Ukraine, 13th in the lower fitness class on EC in Torremolinos. According to our national team coach, Dorota Jadczak, Halina Kunicka, Europe's vice-champion '99, is in her best ever form. Kunicka was purposely off international competitions for one year to prepare for Warsaw and matter in rivalry for the top trophy. Let's keep our fingers crossed for her.

Kobielak - Chrtanova

     The Slovak Federation confirmed that Iveta Chrtanova would come to Warsaw, so it is now certain that the two incredible fitness rivals will meet in a duel. Chranowa was Europe's and world champione twice, but she failed during last EC ending up 5th, which most probably stimulated her to even more intensive training and increased her desire of return. On the othr hand Olga Kobielak is on top of the heap and she will take-off in glory of current Europe's champion. She was been training hard in recent month and she will certainly take the advantage of her own audience to win this most precious trophy, which she still misses from her almost complete collection of medals. We also know who will be present in the Spanish fitness team: Rosa Mena Berrocal (current WC and EC), Sabina Herrera (4th on EC '2000), quickly progressing Laurence Sarrazin, who may be a surprise (won bronze on last EC) and short (141 cm), but incredibly shapely Bohdana Melecka of the Czech Rep. It is also expected that the Hungarians (Tunde Palatinus, Aniko Szabo), who are traditionally good, will matter in the finals.

Empty throne

     After famous Slovak fitness contestants, Marietta Zigalova and Klaudia Kinski, chose professionalism, the outcome in the upper fitness category is still an open question. It is good for our emerging star - Kamila Porczyk, current Europe's vice-champion. Most serious candidates to medals are Gabriela Kubesova (current EC) and Barbora Benesova, both of the Czech Rep., Slovaks Alena Balazova (current world vice-champion) and Gabriela Mlsnova, Conchi Ortiz of Spain (4th on EC '2000), Beatrix Pinter of Hungary (3rd on EC '2000) and Russian Swietlana Silakova (6th on EC '2000). But perhaps, as it happens in fitness competitions, we might see a new star, never seen before. And maybe our young, perfectly supple fitness contestant, Katarzyna Kaliszewska, will become such a dark horse of the championships.

Will our pairs bring the world on its knees?

     Our two best pairs will compete: double world champions Ewa Krynska and Pawel Brzoska and Halina Kunicka and Piotr Gluchowski, Europe's champions of 98. As both th eladies and the men are winning individually top trophies, we may see a situation, where both pairs with compete for the gold, and we sincerely wish them so. However the pair contest attracts other male and female top competitors, so the rivalry may be hard and even. Slovak pair Jana Purdjakova - Juraj Vrabel announced they would compete ( Vrabel is current Europe's pair champion but with Miriam Peschlova and Purdjakova is expected to be a stronger partner thenPeschlova). We will also see current Europe's vice-champions - Monica Muresan and Petru Ciorba of Romania. Amongst most formidable rivals to our pairs will also be pairs of the Czech Rep., who traditionally are in the world lead, but we do not yet know the names.
     The odds are that World Championships in Warsaw will not only set the record as far as the number of contestants is concerned, but should also electrify the audience with top=level rivalry and some extremely interesting duels between the body-building and fitness stars. And as Polish representatives matter most in many of these duels, it will become even more exciting.
     So isn't it worth to be there and see it, all the more next championships will be next century and in far New Zealand? The organizers have priced the tickets at very affordable prices: semifinals - 10 PLZ, finals - 20, -30, -35 PLZ depending on the seat.

What are our chances?

     Our trump card among bodybuilders will surely be Ewa Krynska. In Warsaw she is planning to compete with her bodyweight at the level of 65-66 kg and if she achieves such competitive shape ( muscle density and definition) as in the last World Championships in Sydney, she will most likely be undefeatable for her rivals in the heavy weight. Her main opponent in Sydney was American Lisa Auckland, but in order to come to Warsaw she has to qualify to the USA National Team. In interviews after last year's World Championships she claimed this would be her main goal for the upcoming year. Romanian Monica Sas-Muresari- the present European Champion will also be a strong one to defeat for Ewa., but she is a chimerical contestant who does not always manage to be at her best at the right time. (In Sydney she was only in the eighth place). Check representatives - coached by a superb trainer, ex professional bodybuilder Eva Sukupowa - will also compete for medals. Last year in heavy weight contest the Check Republic was represented by Zdenka Radzymowa, who reached for bronze medal, and two years ago it was Ludmila Glancerowa.
The Spanish women Susana Alonso, Paloma Parra and Josefa Sanches have also recently proved to be in good shape.
     In middleweight (57kg) our representative Halina Kunickahas, who by winning silver, proved to be in good shape in 1999 European Championships in Essen, has strong chances for a medal. She did not compete in this year's spring-season in order to get ready for competition in World Championships in Warsaw. Except for her, the main claimants to medals will be Finnish contestant Marja-Lena Lehtonen (present World and European vice-champion), Romanian Irina Muntean, Austrians: SusaneNiederhauser (World Champion and Claudia Klumaier as well as Check contestant Barbora Mrazkova (European Champion). One of the superb Russians will surely compete in this weight category. Check Pavla Brantalova - the star of European Championships '98 is likely to spike everybody's guns. She went to the USA and was to turn professional, but not long ago in a paper interview she announced that she was going to come to Warsaw and reach for the gold in amateur World Championships.
     The least clear situation occurs in lightweight (52 kg). One cannot see supreme favorites here, moreover it is not clear which contestants will move up to the middleweight. In the recent years the spearhead is occupied by Swiss Brigitte Schori (present World Champion), Belgian Gerda Fannes, Check Vlasta Kacafirkova, and American Pam Kusar. Slovak Jana Purdjakova (1998 World Champion) and Check Eva Labutowa (European Champion) will without any doubt join the competition for medals. In Fitness event our star Aleksandra Kobielak ( 1998 and 2000 European Champion as well as 1998 vice-World Champion and 1999 bronze medallist) will definitely do everything to make use of her native ground and achieve her much wanted tittle of the World Champion 2000 in 160 cm category. Her flawless win in European Championships in May over Slovak Iveta Chrtanowa speaks for itself. Her most dangerous contestants will be among others the Spanish: Rosi Mena Berrocal and Sabina Herrere, the Check Bohdana Melecka and the Hungarian: Aniko Szabo and Tunde Palatinus.
     In the higher category (+160 cm) the situation became more complex after last year's World Champion - The Slovak Klaudia Kinski turned professional. At the battlefield remained her teammates: Alena Balazova ( 1999 vice-World Champion) and Sylvia Malachowska 1998 European Champion), who has regained a superb form. The Polish Kamila Porczyk (2000 vice-European Champion) as well as the Checks: Gabriela Kubesowa (present European Champion) and Barbora Benesova will also join the battle for medals.
     The above presented analysis indicates that we have strong chances for medals in each event, which should also result in the high positions in team classification, with strong chances even for the tittle of the world best team in the Jubilee Year 2000.To make this goal attainable the intensive work on the shape of our contestants is carried out by the coach of our National Team Pawel Filleborn, Fitness coach Violetta Prylowska, women bodybuilders' trainer Dorota Jadczak as well as the experienced choreographer from Vienna Mario Volpe.


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